Naturalness and Artificiality Revisited Through Natural Infinity


  • Jan Romportl Západočeská univerzita v Plzni



Discussions about naturalness, artificiality and unnaturalness in this article are motivated by the field of Human Cognitive Enhancement (HCE) because of its potential for altering human personality and identity. This article at first proposes a concept of human naturalness as interaction between physis and logos. Then it presents an intuitive understanding of naturalness in terms of the inherent inability of language to fully describe all attributes of an object that is natural. The analytical core of the article proposes a formal model of naturalness utilising Vopenka's phenomenologically grounded Alternative Set Theory (AST), comprising and formalising the concept of natural infinity. A brief introduction to AST is presented as well. Naturalness and artificiality are modelled as two structurally different naturally infinite semisets within AST. This key structural difference is then analysed and applied back to the domain of HCE.